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Small shiny warty lesions showing in groups anywhere on the skin.

These are another type of wart caused by a slightly different virus.

They are not hard and scaley like common warts, they are soft and fleshy. They typically measure only about 0.3cm and usually affect not the fingers and feet, but soft skin. Young children under 5 years are most commonly affected. Common areas of involvement are around the thighs and buttocks, the trunk, or under the armpits. Sometimes many dozens appear quite rapidly. A parent should gently massage these until the cheesey central contents are extruded and then apply a single drop of antiseptic paint onto the skin surface - this will often make them go away. This should be done when the child is calm or even asleep and should be performed very gently - this process should not be painful. Sometimes cryotherapy or other medical advice is needed. Children with a tendency to eczema have an increased predisposition to molluscum.

Very easily treated but highly contagious if not controlled. An urgent consultation with immediate treatment is essential, a consultation is available here.

by Dr John Ashworh

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