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Genital Fungal Infections

The diagnosis can sometimes be made on clinical grounds but special testing might be required in certain patients. The skin in the genital area and groins is warm and moist, fungal infections can grow tremendously quickly and become quite a widespread rash in these areas. The fungus can arise from something very simple such as […]

Genital Skin Disease

Many common skin diseases can affect the genitals for example eczema and psoriasis. However, other common infections can also affect the genitals. Very many common skin disorders can affect the skin of the genitals and in the genital area the problem can look totally different to how it appears at other body sites. Examples of […]

Genital Molluscum

Due to the warm and moist environment in the genital area molluscum is a very common problem. This condition is sexually transmissible but also transmissible by indirect contact for example through towels. by Dr John Ashworth

Genital Warts

these can look very different. Genital warts can look very different to common finger warts This is for two reasons – the virus causing genital warts is sometimes different to the virus causing finger warts – also, warts growing in a warm moist environment often grown in a different way to finger warts where the […]
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