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Certain types of skin disorders are related to loss of natural oils from the skin.

Certain types of skin disorders are related to loss of natural oils from the skin.

Washing the skin with soap and water further reduces the skin's natural content of oils and these oils need replacing. The following instructions should help:

For the Body

  • Oily Baths The addition of pure corn oil (e.g. Mazola), bought from a normal shop, is always helpful. 1 - 2 egg cups full of Mazola should be added to your normal 9 inches of bath water. You should remain in the bath water for at least ten minutes on two occasions per week.
  • Other oily bath additives are also available. The addition of oil to the bath water will make the bath surface slippery so be extra careful. The bath can easily be cleaned afterwards with any household surface cleanser.
  • Soap should only be used for the armpits, groins, hands and feet. To any dry skin areas on the arms, body and legs, you should always use a soap substitute cream such as Aqueous cream BP, oily cream BP, emulsifying ointment, or E45.

You should use a good skin moisturiser throughout the day, consider my Body Lotion as an all over moisture defense barrier, and for particular dry patches consider my SOS skin cell rescue, you will find tremendous benefit in using these two products

If you are also using creams for your eczema, these should be applied in the normal way, twice a day, to inflamed skin and these applications should be fitted around the instructions above.

For the Face

  • Wash your face morning and night, using a facial wash for sensitive skin. Ideally, use a small rubber massage mitt to gently clean the face. You do this to remove the dead skin cells so that the moisturiser you are about to use will soak into the skin easily. Do not scrub your skin as this will cause irritation. Dab face dry with towel.
  • If you have pimples or spots, you can apply a gentle cleansing lotion, particularly over your t-zone (forehead, nose and chin).
  • Apply a non comedogenic moisturiser, such as Jojoba Facial Cream 50ml or your own favourite. This type of moisturiser will not clog the pores of your skin. Gently massage all over your face using your (clean) fingers and allow the moisturiser a few minutes to soak in. For stubborn patches try SOS Skin Cell Rescue 30ml this is a  highly concentrated moisturiser.
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