Athletes Foot

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Scaly itchy rash often between the toes sometimes known as "Tinea" which represents a fungal infection of the skin.

Tinea refers to a fungal infection of the skin the most common of which is athletes foot but this can occur on other body sites as well.

Fungal infections of the skin can take on many forms as well as athletes foot. Ringworm is a very common manifestation - that is to say round scaly patches of skin which ressemble eczema and psoriasis in some patients. If a patient has a single isolated lesion then it is much more likely to be fungal than it is to be eczema or psoriasis in general and a fungal causation should always be considered.

Fungal disease can also commonly affect the scalp where it can cause scaly baldness and the nails where it can cause yellow thickening.

Fungal infections require specialist advice and treatment, you can use 'consult the specialist' now.

by Dr John Ashworth

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